Azelaprag (BGE-105)

  • Apelin receptor APJ agonist

  • Lead indication: obesity

Potential for best-in-class oral weight loss in obesity

Azelaprag is an apelin receptor APJ agonist that increases weight loss and improves body composition in combination with incretin drugs.

Azelaprag mimics the activity of the exerkine apelin, a peptide that is released in response to exercise.

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Preclinical results

Azelaprag increases overall weight loss and improves body composition co-administered with incretins:

  • 2x weight loss vs. incretin alone

  • Restores body composition and function to that of lean controls 

BioAge collaborator spotlight

Consistent with its role as an exerkine, apelin has well established metabolic benefits, including reduced body weight and adiposity - as well as improved muscle function. Azelaprag has the potential to recapitulate the benefits of apelin in patients.

CĂ©dric Dray, PhD

Faculty of Science & Engineering

Paul Sabatier University - Toulouse III

Ph1b results

Azelaprag demonstrated significant muscle and metabolic benefits in our Ph1b study of older subjects at bedrest:

  • Promotion of energy expenditure & muscle metabolism

  • Prevention of muscle atrophy

Safety & tolerability

To date has been very well tolerated in 200+ individuals across multiple clinical studies

Our lead program is azelaprag

A potential first-in-class oral therapeutic for obesity, followed by several earlier-stage metabolic programs.

Target value propositions

Primary endpoint:

Increased weight loss vs. incretin drug alone

Upside includes improvements in:

  • Body composition & function

  • Glucose control

  • Tolerability

Incretin drugs have recently been approved to treat obesity and result in significant weight loss

However, performance of oral incretins remains a key unmet need: despite a strong patient preference, efficacy lags injectables

Azelaprag in combination with an incretin drug has the potential for best-in-class oral performance: 20%+ total weight loss at 1 year is our goal

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