Director of Medicinal Chemistry

We are looking for our first medicinal chemist to spearhead our drug development program from hit validation through early stage preclinical development.


- design and manage projects conducted by international contract research organizations.

- identify mechanism of action for hits from phenotypic screens.

- lead generation.

- lead optimization, including collaboration on design of preclinical experiments to facilitate iteration.

- survey the relevant intellectual property literature to ensure that the compounds that the company develops are commercially viable.


- doctoral degree in organic chemistry with 10+ years experience in pharmaceutical industry.

- experience with entire hit-to-lead determination process (identification, triage, validation) and lead optimization, especially via phenotypic screens.

- expertise in structure-based drug design.

- demonstrated success in working with international contract research organizations.

- up-to-date with latest developments in the intellectual property / patent space and chemical literature.

To apply, please send your resume to